Count Hubert de Givenchy founded Givenchy in 1952, Givenchy is a French company that makes fashion accessories and fragrances. Givenchy introduced its first fragrance in 1957 named Le De Givenchy for women, combined with some top notes like lily, lilac, coriander, mandarin orange, bergamot and tarragon. have various fragrances from brand Givenchy such as pi neo Givenchy, amariage, Givenchy play, organza Givenchy, play intense Givenchy, rave descapade Givenchy, Givenchy pour homme, ange ou demon le secret elixir, hot couture, very irresistible and many others. Givenchy scents combined with some of rich notes such as white mimosa, vanilla, lilac, rose, almond and others.